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Who We Are

Our Roots

The Transition Movement started in England by Rob Hopkins in 2005, and has spread around the world. He and his students created the first 

Transition is about building local resiliency, getting the things you need with the least amount of energy. Starting with supporting local businesses, an alternative to corporations that take money out of our local economy and give little in return. 

Transition is about empowering ordinary people to be an example of what can be done to address climate change. People planning and acting together at a grass roots level have made things happen, large and small to make changes in their local communities while working with local authorities to show what can be done and improve everyone's lives in the process in a positive way. 

Transition takes on many forms and is created fresh in each community to address the local needs of that community. Shaped by the people and resources available to it.

If you are interested in empowering yourself and others to do the things that you wish were going on at the state and national levels then this is the place to do it. You can make your own life a little better with the things you learn and do and can also make a difference in your community. By building relationships with your neighbors and working together we will address many of the problems that face our society.

Home: Who We Are
Home Gardening

Building Community

Collaboration, Helping Others, Wholesome Activities

Spending time together learning, helping other members with projects, volunteering for local organizations. Activities that everyone can participate including family members.

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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Work to make our carbon foot print smaller by consuming and wasting less

At Transition Spring, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. We not only need to increase sustainable energy, we need to draw down our consumption. Using resources wisely, cut down waste and look for ways to cut down our usage without affecting our quality of life.

Solar Panels on Roof


Learn about Solar Panels, Insulating your Home, Permaculture, Gardening and much more.

How would we go about adding solar panels to our home to cut down our energy consumption or get off the grid. Reduce energy consumption in our living spaces and save money. Look to nature to help with better ways of doing things as in permaculture. Learn how to garden to feed ourselves and build local resiliency.

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“The more you know, the more you know you don't know.” a damn thing...

Aristotle (and Rich)

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Upcoming Events

  • Indian Creek Mushrooms at Farmers Market
    Saturday in February
    Houston Farmers Market - Urban Harvest
    Saturday in February
    Houston Farmers Market - Urban Harvest, 2752 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77098
    Fresh Local Mushrooms
  • Volunteer Dennis Johnston Park
    Working on a Saturday morning
    709 Riley Fuzzel Rd
    Working on a Saturday morning
    709 Riley Fuzzel Rd, 709 Riley Fuzzel Rd, Spring, TX 77373, USA
    Join Us
  • Transition Monthly Meetings
    Tue, Jan 05
    First Tuesdays - Online Zoom Meeting
    Jan 05, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    First Tuesdays - Online Zoom Meeting
    Online for now but when it is safe we will be meeting in person at a local venue.
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